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That Sudden Urge to Cry

I open the door to my house. It’s empty
Just hours ago it was filled with a loved one. It’s silent
I can’t hide my tears now, but why would I? I’m alone

And begins that sudden urge to cry

I already miss them, and I miss all the ones that are far far away
I miss the ones that I know I will soon see
I also miss the ones that are no longer there for me

Oh, that sudden urge to cry

It’s ok for now to cry
It’s ok to be briefly sad
The tears will pass by
As happy moments await ahead

My first whisper, my road to closure

It is time to move on, it is time to put a closure
A closure to what was in my mind or in my dream
The best relationship that could have been

You were my best friend, and maybe a little more
It’s all about priorities, you said, and I was high on your list
Until, one day, you found somebody new to lead that list

It has been a year, more than a year perhaps
Since I lost someone dear, since my heart fell into pieces
Still, I think of our time together with tear in my eyes and burning in my heart

I want to put down in words what I have been burying deep inside
What was once the best dream I have ever had
So that I can move on, so that I can put a closure